Thursday, March 17, 2016


Well I had some "ME-TIME" last night and it was way over due. I decided to watch a movie and the one I chose was:

I had a great time by myself.  I know I'm definitely going to watch it again with my nephews. I love animated movies and this one did NOT disappoint. The two main characters are a bunny named Judy Hops and a wolf named Nicke Wild.

They help each other solve a case, but when the case is solved instead of everything being resolved and smooth- the whole Zootopia is a hot mess! Hops is her nickname is not happy with the outcome of her work and decides to take matters into her own hands and looks for Nick to help her find out what is really going on in Zootopia as some of the predator animals are turning wild! Its a great got me teary eyed, it made me laugh and best of all it was Happily Ever After kind of movie- and I love those kinds of movies. Definitely recommend this movie for families with kids- a great watch! Thanks Disney, continue what you do best- making those kids movies the best! Looking forward to seeing the movie again and enjoying some popcorn!

Book Bunch Meeting "ONCE AND ALWAYS"

This is our Book Bunch Club girls- well the first picture was when we were at Carrows in Gardena and the picture below was our very first book club meeting at BJ's in Torrance. I sure do miss these ladies, but we have continued on with 5 members and things are going pretty smooth!

Our recent meeting was at one of our members houses in Long Beach/Paramount, CA. We've decided to have our monthly meetings at a restaurant one month and the next month at our hostess' house. So far so good. There are four of us ladies and one friend who we Skype with online who also joins our meetings.

The assigned book for this month was "ONCE AND ALWAYS' by Judith McNaught. I love her books and this one was especially good. Our book discussion was active, live and started off with good eats, Mormon wine (Apple Cider) deserts and a bunch of laughs- which all resorts to " A GREAT TIME".
We started off with a question and answer trivia to see which one of us would get the right answers- I don't mean to brag, but I think I won- hehe, but then again I was late to the meeting so I could finish the book- hence, I remembered all the details lol! "Note to self - read the book the week its due and finish it up the day of lol". We definitely had a good time, laughing, remembering all of our favorite parts of the book, discussing the parts we didn't enjoy as much, etc etc..

Victoria Seaton was indeed a strong, vibrant and beautiful heroine who endured the cold heart and attitude of her betrothed Jason Fielding. Things didn't start out as love at first sight, but she was so patient and loving that her love eventually won his heart! Jason was a stearn and mean chap, but when you realize what he's been thru- you sympathize with the guy! A great read!

Looking forward to our next meeting in April 2016 and the featured book is: "Own the Wind".

Thursday, May 02, 2013


I know its been like way too long since I've been on my blog page. I couldn't go on without writing about this Filipino Soap Opera Series "Gulong Ng Palad". Its abasolutely wonderful! I haven't been this passionate about a movie or a soap opera at that. All i gota say is American Soap Operas aint got nothin on this Filipino Soap. It far exceeded my expectations. At this time all the asian soap operas are a HIT in the Pacific islands like New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Samoa and now in the good ole USA. Korean, Chinese and Filipino Soap Operas have way more drama and emotion, gutt wrenching plots; magnificent! I highly recommend this soap opera series to anyone who can read english subtitles and follow along with the story as it takes you thru the stages of "Stand for Love'.
The soap opera was aired back in 2006 I believe in the Philippines and I first watched it a few years back. My sister went to New Zealand and stumbled across the 8 DVD series and brought it home to watch. Well afater DVD #1, she couldn't stop and had to keep watching one DVD after the other. As a matter of fact, when I first watched it I did not sleep at all. I stayed up for a day and a half to watch the whole 8 DVD series. Yes people its that good! I was glued to the TV until was over and done!
The story is about LOVE, what girl doesn't want to watch drama about LOVE? Luisa is a girl from the other side of the tracks. She is poor and lives a simple an humble life with her family and she is a beautiful girl inside and out! Her mother is a maid at the mayors house. Her mother takes Luisa to work with her sometimes and the mayor has a son(Cardign) the same age as Luisa. While her mother is at work, Luisa plays with Cardign and soon they build a best friend relationship in their innocent young age. Time passes and Cardign's father dies of a heart attack and his mother thinks it best for them to move to the states, to get away and start a new life. Luisa and Cardign promised to never leave one another and here he is leaving to the states. They promised to write to each other and it was great and lasted for a few months. Then as time passed, Cardign stopped writing for years. Luisa was heart broken and had to deal with never seeing Cardign ever again. It was sad to see such a young friendship end. She was a faithful friend to him, and he forgot about her while in the states.
Then low and behold 6 years later, he is 18 and Luisa is getting ready to graduate from high school and she gets word that Cardign and his mother are moving back to the Philippines; what the heck! She is so excited, but still upset that he never kept his promise to write. She passes by his house a few times but always seems to miss him. Finally, at the school ball for graduation he only agrees to go with MIMI (the witch) because he knows Luisa will be there. Mimi is the top dawg DEVIl; i hater her like i've never hated anyone lol! Mimi tripped Luisa and her gown was ruined with the food that fell on her gown. She was embarrassed and decied to go home. Her friends yell out her name and Cardign hears and follows her out the door.He calls her name and Luisa turns around thinking its her friends and she looks into Cardign's eyes and silence falls between them. He asks if she remembers him and she says of cours I do. You can already feel the VIBES that they are both ecstatic to see each other after all these years. Luisa has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and Cardign is a handsome yong man..LOVE IS IN THE AIR! And this is how the whole soap opera begins!
The rest of the soap opera is just amazingly filled with so many moments of tears, you cry, you laugh, you hate, you cry again, you have compassion, you hate again, but most of all teh CRYING continues through out the whole series. I love how the actors and actresses CRY A RIVER. I've never seen so many tears fall so naturally in every scene. For me, this series had me all bundled up in overwhelming emotions that were uncontrollable. It was refreshing, it was heart wrenching, it was full of LOVE forbidden,it has so many realistic life scenarios that I could relate too. I'm still on a Filipino HIGH. I've already purchased my favorites songs from the drama and everytime I hear the music, I can sense the emotions I felt at that time in the series and thats probably why I love it so much! A great soap opera which I highly recommend to all to VIEW. And I must add that i pronounce the filipino words quite well now if i don't say so myself lol! On that note, this is far most my favorite MOVIE as I call it for right now! LOVE IT TO PIECES! I'm now looking for PART II. Can't wait to watch it. TEAM LUISA AND CARDDIGN!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well here we are its the year 2013! Today is January 28, 2013 and I have a lot of blogging to catch up with. It seems like when I'm on a roll with blogging I'm on a roll, but when I slip up its not the business!
I'm glad to say that we've made it to 2013 and this year we will do like the other years and make it a great, positive and memorable year! Gotta have positive attitudes, pray for the best and do our best to make 2013 a great year!
I have a few goals I'm working on but they all look like the same ones from last year, but so what - the point is to give it a try and keep working at goals any time of year! I'm feeling a little under weather, but I'm getting better day by day! I do know that being sick is the PITTS! You just sit or lay there doing nothing; its no bueno. So I'm gonna definitely try to stay healthy through out the year; I hope everyone tries to do the same as well.

I do look forward to traveling this year. I would like to visit different countries this year so ill give it a try! until the next time have a great year all!!